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Just to say a short story, what happens then. I in my first husband, sex with her ​​husband wrote here a week ago, it was said that is'nt all sizes. After we got together, I think it was a bit surprised that I did'nt dislike what we did, we were both covered in milk our cocks rub together with each other as we went for a shower came first, it was'nt long and reentered the room drying his life. as in the shower at the gym who had pushed his cock in hand with the foreskin shows the large purple head, were not only difficult, but not so different. I have left a towel in the bathroom come, and I will show how the shower, he said, as he put his towel on the chair, I was surprised how relaxed he was naked with him in the small bathroom. xxxdessert I was also surprised how quickly my own cock hardening again, as I washed, usually when I get time I would not bother for a day or two I had my towel around me, when I re -in the living room because it was still naked, he had played, obviously, with it, because the tail was like a stick. What is the towel, said to do, I think you could see he had an erection, a glass of wine, he said, as the last of the bottle. As he poured out his hand, lifted the towel around me and wrapped his fingers around my cock, have you ever sucked dick out, when he moved his fingers up and down, he answered his own question by saying : have 'nt you, then, as I said. was about the men who heard his dick shit, but I could not be sure that happens and if it were a woman, who did it, I would never have thought that a man sucking another man 's cock. He took the wine from the hand, sitting in the chair, he said, as I sat down on his knees before me and opened my legs, put his hand between them with my balls in the palm of your hand, then with the other hand I masturbated. , I saw what I did, I knew that I like, then he has it. under Hhead down, I knew what I was doing, his tongue began to lick around the head of my cock was an incredible feeling, xxxdessert and he took his head in his mouth, his hand was holding my balls I could feel I wanted to push my cock in her mouth, but every time he tried, he moved a xxxdessert little. He put his hand under the cheek and ran xxxdessert a finger between them touching my hole, not just the pressure against them, I wanted more than anything in the mouth of my cock. In the past, he let me slip through his fingers against xxxdessert my hole made ​​me crazy and I could'nt stop putting my cock in and out of his mouth. suddenly went out, not so fast, he said, it's my turn now, sat in another chair and spread her legs, his penis looked huge, we kid, he told her what to do now, the mouth from you about this, he masturbates. I thought his penis was bigger when you look at them, but in my mouth that was huge, there was no way I could get all of it in. He took my head andpulled him up and down it, that undermine the right to the throat. said playing with my balls xxxdessert and dragged good, he said, as he threw the balls. During the next hour or so we've tried all kinds of different things with each other sometimes cocks masturbating each xxxdessert other and then give it sucks, he took a finger on my hole, I like, but when the final its tail was on the other hand I grabbed her and xxxdessert pushed her away, there was no way I was going in landed in his room, which had experienced my first 69R, we met almost had my first contact with the other pour milk, and I swallowed it otherwise would have drowned. I'm not going to the gym, we had a few more sessions, but then I realized I was more interested in another young man who had joined. I'm back xxxdessert to run a little and I, m other wine from time to time, still do'nt know if gay or not.
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